Are Autoresponders An Important Asset To Your Business?


    Autoresponders are an important asset to an Internet Marketer. When I heard that statement, I said, "Okay - great! What is it!" For all those new to the Internet arena, I'll try to explain what autoresponders are, how they can be used, and how it can benefit your online business.

    What Are Autoresponders?

    Autoresponders automate the process of following up e-mail marketing leads. Email autoresponders are special email addresses that returns a message or set of messages inresponse to any email that is sent to the autoresponder's address. When your business is slow or just beginning you may be hesitate to use this tool. But be assured as your business grows, you'll find a use.

    Who Supplies Autoresponders?

    Where do you get autoresponders? Well, they are as close as your web host. Yes, most web hosts have autoresponders - it is only limited by the number of email addresses yourhost provides you. For example, my webhost allows me 100 email addresses. Thus, I have the opportunity, if I so wish, to create 100 autoresponders.

    However, there is one small drawback to webhost autoresponders - you are limited only to one message per autoresponder, without the possibility of a follow-up email to your prospects.

    But there are other avenues in which you can consider. Such as:

    1. You can incorporate a free autoresponder. Freeautobots. com offers a free service -- that is free of advertisements, and supplies you with the server to store your leads on.

    2. You can purchase the software. This software can be placed on your computer, or again, you can purchase an online service, and all your information will be stored on the server where you purchased the service.

    As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages of each. And only you will know which will best fit your needs, circumstances, expertise and budget.

    How Do I An Autoresponder?

    When I heard the word autoresponder, I didn't have a clue of how to use them, or if it was relevant to my business. Pretty green, wasn't I. Well, an autoresponder can be a great automation tool to any business.

    Let me give you some examples of the versatility of this tool.

    1.Used by people who are away. They use it to notify the sender that they are away on vacation, their desk, etc.

    2.Used as a business tool --

    a. Gives responders business information - pricing
    lists, resumes
    b. Collect names and email addresses
    c. Use for training
    d. Give away free reports
    e. FAQ (if appropriate)
    f. Auto-send your article submissions

    As you can see there are many uses, all of which, keeps you in contact with your visitors and/or prospective leads, and the promotion of your products, services and business. And, as to free or paid - that assessment will be directly determined by the growth of your business - and of course, your budget.

    To conclude, the use of autoresponders is only limited by your imagination and your ethics. Yes, ethics. Do not go crazy with this tool - it is to be used to help your business - so be aware of spam - and it's dos' and don'ts - and this tool will work for you.

    To your success.


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