How Autoresponders Boost Sales By Up To 400%


    Imagine going to bed and waking up in the morning to findthat you made sales while you slept - all because of yourautoresponder!

    What exactly is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is anautomated email program that responds to an incomingemail with a message written by you. The message can bewritten once and loaded in the autoresponder and forgottenabout. It's as easy as that.

    Some Uses for Autoresponders

    1. Use autoresponders as an immediate acknowledgement to those who send you information. Let the recipient know that you have received their message and when to expect a reply.

    2. Create a FAQ document to answer commonly asked questions about your product or service. Use the familiar question and answer format.

    3. Collect names and email addresses by using a capture form. This allows you to build a list and as marketers keep saying, lists lead to repeat sales.

    4. Make all your articles and newsletters available via autoresponder.

    5. Offer free reports or e-courses to show your expertise to your customers. This is a great way to capture prospects' name and email address for future follow-up.

    6. If you publish an e-book, put the different chapters or excerpts in your autoresponder.

    7. Archive issues of past ezines and put some of the best ones in an autoresponder and let your prospects access them.

    If you are not using an autoresponder already you may be losing up to 400% of potential sales. Research shows thatautoresponders increase your exposure to your prospectsand this increased contact with them leads to higher sales.

    Remember if you're not using an autoresponder and gainingthese sales, your competitors will!

    (c) John Lynch


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