Five of the Most Powerful Elements In Opt-in Marketing


    Lack of trust is the biggest problem marketershave on the internet, or better yet, the biggestopportunity.

    The power in this lies in the fact that affiliateprograms have given us easy access to a hugevariety of products and services that we canpresent to potential buyers, opening up an endlessnumber of possibilities.

    And really, you're not limited to affiliateproducts. Many businesses would be happy tocompensate you for bringing them sales.

    But too many people have no reason to believe thatout of the multitude of marketing messages theysee every day, yours is one they need to payattention to. You have to provide them withsomething they'd have a hard time findingelsewhere.

    Usually, the easiest, most effective, and mostpermanent way to first is to earn their trust - that something they'd have a hard time findingelsewhere.

    Here's the key thing you must remember...

    Your readers can only benefit from you and you canonly benefit from them to the extent that they cantrust you!

    These days, not many marketers handle this well. Not because they don't know enough, or don't havecertain skills, it's just that, their focus is inthe wrong areas.

    That's where you come in. You can grab an earlyadvantage, but marketers will always adapt. It'spart of the process. And when they do adapt, itwon't be as easy to stand out anymore.

    Not only that, but the ones who don't takeadvantage of this aren't likely to survive. So thesooner you take advantage of this, the better.

    Everyone has the ability to earn trust, that is, if they're worthy of it. By following these tips, you'll put yourself in a position of influencewith your subscribers... and that's a powerfulthing!

    1) Keep your focus as narrow as it has to be foryou to bring the most value. In other words, focuson those areas where you have something unique tocontribute. What your readers will probably readelsewhere... let them read elsewhere.

    2) Find ways to over deliver, exceeding people'sexpectations. This creates the element ofsurprise. People will tend to remember this, andby association you. That means better recognitionand more influence - a recipe guaranteed to makesales.

    3) Make your subscribers feel like they know you. By doing this, you make it much easier for them totrust you. It's like adding a third dimension toyour marketing. It helps to complete the picture. And no matter how many people you write to, alwaysuse a personal, one on one type of style. Itshould sound like you're talking directly to them.

    Let yourself show through in your marketing, including your opinions, insights, stories, humor, etc. and your intentions will show through, whatever they might be. If that's a bad thing, then you're reading the wrong article.

    4) Don't try to please everyone. This is thebiggest mistake you can make. You'll forfeitanything interesting or unique about yourmarketing if you do this. In other words, you loseyour edge and your marketing becomes ineffective. Don't worry about the subscribers that drop off. You're better off connecting with a smaller groupon a deeper level.

    5) Through your actions, you have to demonstrateto your subscribers that you don't sacrifice theirbest interests in the name of profit. Become theirtrusted advisor. Do what you can to steer them ina direction that's right for them, as individuals. Educate them to be able to make better decisionson their own.

    These are powerful elements, and yet mostmarketers make compromises or loose sight of thembecause they see them as a conflict of interestwith other profit seeking motives. The problem is, these things will lose their power when any one ofthem has been compromised. And earning the trustof your subscribers is never a conflict ofinterest.

    The benefits of a responsive list are tremendous. To start with, you'll make more sales with moreprofit in each sale. Then, word-of-mouthmarketing, always the most effective method, becomes easy, and even more effective. You alsoput yourself in a position to sell bigger ticketitems. Translation - a lot more money from a lotless effort.

    If you have a passion for or enjoy learning aboutthe things that your market values, thendeveloping the kinds of relationships you need tomake these sales won't seem like work at all.

    All the while, you'll be growing and becoming moreinfluential.

    All of these things will work together to buildyour influence at an exponential rate, and yourincome is sure to follow. Essentially, if youuse your power wisely, you'll continue to havemore of it in the future.

    And that's for the long run, because theserelationships will still be there no matter whatmight happen with your business in the future. Infact, these relationships really ARE yourbusiness.

    Copyright © 2005 Laurence Baker


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