Email Marketing - Building A Mail List


    Millions of people use their computer everyday as a form of communicating with others by sending messages through email.

    From sending newsletters, updates, articles, follow-ups or simply sending an email message.

    If you have an online business, email marketing gives you the opportunity to target your products or services to a selective audience. Whether you use it everyday, weekly or monthly, it is a great way to communicate with your customers supplying them with useful information.

    It is known that many Internet marketers generate more revenue from their mailing efforts than they do from their website. This is mainly because when you have a large mail list and correspond frequently, people are more inclined to buy from someone they have established a relationship with.

    As with any business, you have to start to build a mail list and develop some strong mailing campaigns. You can accomplish this through customer sales, newsletters, memberships, subscriptions, referrals, etc. The most efficient and practical way will be from your website, such as offering your viewers a free newsletter that they can subscribe to.

    Publishing your own newsletter is by far the best way to build up a mail list in the shortest possible time. Although the time involved in writing your own publications is more demanding, once you have a few publications published, your mail list will begin to grow quickly.

    Key Points:

    In publishing a newsletter, here are a few key points to consider.

    - Have a form on your website giving your viewers the option to subscribe. To increase the amount of subscribers you receive, have this form on every page of your website.

    - You may want to consider having a page on your website explaining the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter in more detail.

    - On your form, make sure you give a short description to the benefits to subscribing to your newsletter. Do not just put a "subscribe form" on your site and expect people to subscribe.

    - You need to give a brief explanation of what information they can expect to receive for subscribing. Also let them know how often your newsletters are sent (daily, weekly, monthly). It also is a good idea to give them something for free as an incentive for subscribing (discounts on your products, ebooks, coupons, free reports, etc.).

    Added Benefits:

    Not only can you build a mail list from offering a newsletter from your website, but you can get added subscribers to your newsletter using the following techniques.

    Swap Ads

    You can swap ads with other newsletter publishers. Look for publishers that have an opt-in mail list of people who would be interested in your newsletter, products or service.

    Message Boards

    Placing an announcement about your newsletter in message boards can always bring you a few subscribers.

    Press Release

    You can get added subscribers by using a Press Release about your website and the benefits of your newsworthy ezine.


    Listing your newsletter in ezine directories is one of the best ways to get added subscribers. Remember you can use free directories as well as paid ones to list your newsletter.

    Discussion Groups

    Discussion groups are where people participate in topics pertaining to a certain interest. By participating in these groups your business can generate many new subscribers.

    The idea behind this is to be part of the group, getting involved and participating in the general discussion. Everyone in the group needs to stay focused on the common interest. This is not a place to post ads about your website or newsletter.

    If you are asked about an issue that relates to your business, it is perfectly okay to direct them to your website.


    Last but not least, always ask for referrals from your viewers or subscribers. If you supply solid information in your newsletters, you'll be surprised how many referrals you'll receive.

    Building a mail list is the key to your success and will be your true source to increasing revenue.

    Final Note

    When we talk about building a mail list, this is only to imply building one through an opt-in list. An opt-in list is from people who have given you their email address and agreed to receive information from you.

    Never send out email to people who have not requested it or use email addresses through another source (companies that sell or rent email addresses without the addressees permission).

    If you build a mail list that is not opt-in, it will be considered Spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Spam is considered illegal in some states and you can risk the possibility of your business being shut down.

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