Lesson #1: Autoresponders 101


    What the heck is an autoresponder?

    An autoresponder is much like a fax-on-demand system, where you call a number - or, in this case, email a specific email address, fill out a form on a website or do something, like buying something online - and get an instant reply.

    Internet marketing and online business people agree that email autoresponders are the greatest marketing tool ever invented. Why? Because it gives people instant access to information!

    Think about it.

    People are more likely to send an email to autoresponder than to a real, say, sales department. The reason? People want information NOW! They don't want to wait nor ask for it.

    But the reason why marketers love "smart" autoresponders specifically is because, when prospects request information, their inquiry gives you permission to follow up with them!

    "Smart" or "intelligent" autoresponders go further than just a one-time reply, because they allow you to correspond with personalized follow-up messages after the initial reply...

    The beauty is that they can all be pre-written, pre-set and pre-programmed... Only once! You decide how many emails, write the messages and set the intervals between them...

    And that's it! In other words, smart autoresponders are like automated salespeople working for you, in the background, around the clock, so you don't have to! But there's more...

    If you don't have a professional, personalized, systematic and timely follow-up approach that hits your prospects with your message at least four to eight times, you're losing money!

    The bottom-line is this: following up can increase your sales significantly. In fact, sending multiple follow-up messages can increase sales by 80% and as much as 400% or even more!


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