10 Ways To Quadruple Your Sales with 232%


    2. Try to up sell to your customers. When your customers are at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale. You can give them the option to add it to their original order.

    3. This one always works! Invite your customers to refer four other customers to your web site. If they manage to do so, you give them a full or half rebate of their purchase price. This way you can turn one sale into three sales!

    4. This one is often forgotten. When you sell a product, try to give your customers the option of joining an affiliate program for your product. They could make commissions selling your product. This simple tactic can multiply the sale you just made!

    6. Try to cross promote your own product with other peoples products in a package deal.

    8. This also works like a charm. Try sending your customers follow up emails with add-on products for the original product they purchased. Think of upgrades, services, etc. If they really liked your product they will most likely buy the extra add-ons.

    9. Try selling certificates for your products people can give away as a gift.

    10. Try sending your customers free products. Be smart and print your ad on these freebies.

    Author Paul Kelly

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